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Our Team

Get to know our team here at River Stone!

Ted Kane

Owner / Winemaker / Grower

Ted is the owner, winemaker and grower for River Stone. Ted started making wine in his parent's garage in Edmonton when he was 18. A self confessed Chemistry geek his passion for all things wine is reflective in the final product.

Favourite River Stone Wine: All of the big bold reds we make.


Lorraine Kane

Owner and Consumer Respectively

Lorraine is the owner who provides all the big picture ideas and is Ted's most supportive  fan.  She is also the passion behind the beautiful gardens you get to enjoy when you visit River Stone. Lorraine is also a doctor with a family practice in Osoyoos.    

Favourite River Stone Wine: Pinot Gris

Sandy Taylor

Tasting Room 

Sandy has been with River Stone since the very first season in 2010.  Well known for her tasting room humour and sassy style. Stop by and say hello to Sandy on your next visit to the winery. 

Favourite River Stone wine: Gewurztraminer


Bob Graham

Tasting Room

"Bowtie" Bob as he is affectionately called has been at River Stone since forever?  Also the Oliver Fire Chief, Bob can welcome you and share his many years of wine experience.

Favourite River Stone Wine: Merlot


Sylvia Lowe

Tasting Room

Sylvia is often found at Farmer's Markets in the valley and various events held at the winery.  She does a great job of looking after everyone, guests and staff.  Sylvia is also an avid curler.  

Favourite River Stone Wine:  Stones Throw

Colleen Mccombe

Tasting Room

Part of the dynamic duo Colleen and her husband Dave joined the River Stone family in 2017.  In Colleen's spare time you will find her competing in dragon boat racing, crafting or spending time with her grandson.

Favourite River Stone Wine: Corner Stone

Dave Mccombe

Tasting Room

Dave is the organizer and inventory guru. An avid sports and music enthusiast, he spends his winters overseeing the Oliver Curling Club.  Always ready with a "Dave" joke, stop by and say hi.

Favourite River Stone Wine: Corner Stone 

Jill Lawson

Tasting Room

Jill joined River Stone in 2018.  She brings a wealth of wine knowledge to River Stone and has participated in extensive international wine tastings.  In her spare time Jill volunteers with a number of community organizations and also runs a successful tour company with her husband Ron.  

Favourite River Stone Wine: Malbec Rose

Cathyanne Mytruk

Tasting Room

Cathyanne joined River Stone in 2018 after working at other fine wineries in the area.  She brings a wealth of wine knowledge to River Stone and is always keen to learn more.  In her spare time Cathyanne gardens and spends time with her many friends.  In the winter you can find her curling with the River Stone corporate team. 

Favourite River Stone Wine: Malbec

Warwick Shaw


Warwick is a veteran of the Okanagan Wine industry having been the vineyard manager at Tantalas Vineyards for many years.  He and his wife Jane are avid travellers and love camping, hiking and skiing in their spare time.

Favourite River Stone Wine: Cabernet Franc

Kirsten Zandvliet

Administrative Assistant

Kirsten joined the River Stone team in 2018. You can find her behind the scenes managing our social media and wine club. When she's not working, you can find Kirsten chasing around her 2 little kids.

Favourite River Stone Wine: Pinot Gris 

Mark Seed


Mark appeared at River Stone in September 2018 and hasn't left.  Always available to jump in and help out with everything, Mark can be found hiking and kayaking in the warm weather and skiing at Baldy Mtn. and curling for the River Stone team in the winter months.

Favourite River Stone Wine: Gewurztraminer

Roxanne Zandvliet


Roxanne has been with River Stone since the start. She works hard behind the scenes taking care of the paperwork side of the business. When she is not in the office you will find her outdoors either hiking, snowshoeing, camping, fishing or gardening.

Favourite wine: Splash