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Our Vineyards

The grapes are grown on our estate vineyard, River Rock Vineyard, which surrounds our tasting room and family home. We also have a second vineyard, our Boulder City Vineyard, which is located just across the street from our tasting room on Tucelnuit Drive.
The vines are specifically planted in a location that allows the vine to thrive and mature fruit of a consistent quality and character.  All of our vineyards are on south facing slopes where soils are composed of rock, sand, and gravel laid down during the last glacial recession.

River Rock Vineyard

Grapes in our River Rock Vineyard

Harvesting grapes in our River Rock Vineyard


Learn more about our vines and what makes River Stone unique by booking a Vineyard Tour & Tasting with one of our knowledgable staff members. We will guide you through our River Rock Vineyard while you taste through our current portfolio of award winning wines!