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Milestone Lottery

Your chance at purchasing a bottle of our limited edition 2012 Milestone!

This long imagined wine was inspired by a legendary wine of mythical esteem called Chateau Cheval Blanc 1947.  Both our Milestone and the Chateau Cheval Blanc were grown on complex alluvial soils in a long and hot season. 50:50 blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot.  The 1947 vintage was of renowned quality much like the 2012 vintage in the South Okanagan. Aged in premium French Oak for 24 months.
We all have Milestones in our lives, occasions with special significance, birthdays, anniversaries and graduations.  We believe this very limited and special wine will pair exceptionally with your special occasion.
ONLY 25 cases produced and only 10 will be released throughout 2019 to celebrate River Stone's 10th year anniversary. Approximately 30 bottles will be released every 3 months, with the first release in Spring 2019.
To win a chance at purchasing a bottle of Milestone 2012 (Price: $125.00), please complete the form below to register for the Milestone Lottery. If you are selected, we will contact you by email. Once you have filled out the form you will be entered into all draws for 2019. Good luck and thank you for celebrating with River Stone!

Milestone Lottery

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For a chance at WINNING a FREE bottle of 2012 Milestone, head over to our Facebook page and tell us your upcoming Milestone! See our pinned post on Facebook for full details. Good luck!