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Kirsten Thorne
February 15, 2024 | Events and News | Kirsten Thorne

'Open that Bottle Night': The History Behind the Trend that Started Over a Quarter Century Ago

The last Saturday in February every year has been dubbed ‘Open that Bottle Night’ (OTBN) by former Wall Street Journal wine columnists, John Brecher and Dorothy Gaiter. Since 1999, over a quarter century ago, people all around the world have been uncorking that ‘special’ bottle of wine from their cellar on this special day. 

Many people possess at least one bottle of wine that holds significant sentimental value, much like our 2015 Milestone, yet they perpetually hesitate to open it, waiting for an occasion that feels momentous enough. Maybe it was a wedding gift from a loved one, or a milestone birthday present. Either way, why wait for a special occasion when you can make any ordinary evening a special occasion by opening that special bottle! ‘Open that Bottle Night’ creates a safe space to do so and a feeling of togetherness. 

The stories behind these bottles are as important as the wine itself, making the event not just about enjoying a glass of wine but about cherishing and sharing the memories associated with it. It's about more than just enjoying a fine vintage; it's an invitation to share personal stories, relive cherished moments, and connect with others over shared experiences.

Over the years OTBN has grown in popularity, with wine enthusiasts hosting gatherings, and social media buzzing with stories and photos of cherished bottles and the tales behind them. It’s a day that transcends the wine community, inviting people to connect over social media using the hashtag #OTBN. Remember to tag us @drinkriverstone and let us know which bottle of River Stone wine you're uncorking! 

Tomorrow isn’t promised and the best time to open that special bottle is now! What are you waiting for?


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