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Kirsten Thorne
July 17, 2023 | Events and News | Kirsten Thorne

River Stone Estate Winery Wins Seven Awards at WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada

River Stone Estate Winery is proud to announce its resounding triumph at the WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada. The winery's dedication to crafting exceptional wines has been rewarded with a remarkable collection of accolades, including four gold medals, one silver, and two bronze.

The WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada, renowned for its rigorous evaluation process and esteemed panel of experts, witnessed River Stone Estate Winery's portfolio shine brightly among fierce competition. The winery's unwavering commitment to showcasing the unique terroir of the region resulted in an impressive lineup of award-winning wines that captivated the discerning palates of the judges.

Among the most notable achievements, River Stone Estate Winery's 2019 vintage of Corner Stone stood out as a true gem, securing a prestigious gold medal. This is the winery's third gold medal for their signature Bordeaux style blend. Equally deserving of celebration, River Stone Estate Winery's 2019 Stones Throw (Bordeaux blend), 2022 Splash (white blend), and 2022 Sauvignon Blanc also claimed well-deserved gold medals.

Adding to the winery's success, the 2022 Rosé which is made from a blend of Cabernet Franc and Syrah grapes was honored with a silver medal, further highlighting River Stone Estate Winery's prowess in producing wines that resonate with both critics and connoisseurs alike. Additionally, the winery's commitment to consistency and excellence was recognized with bronze medals for the 2021 Malbec and the 2022 Malbec Rosé, both of which are top-sellers at River Stone.

Owner and Winemaker Ted Kane expressed his elation at the winery's outstanding achievement, saying, "We are incredibly proud to receive such esteemed recognition at the WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada. We are grateful to our dedicated team and loyal patrons who continue to support us on this remarkable journey."

All of these award winning wines are available for purchase in the wine shop and online.


Media Contact: Angie Huk

Phone: 250-498-0043

Email: info@riverstoneestatewinery.ca

Website: riverstoneestatewinery.ca 



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